Socially Engaged Art

2015 to present…


My socially engaded artwork was inspired by the FL3TCH3R Exhibit and competition which is hosted by East Tennessee State University’s Reese Museum.  All entries must have a political or social statement addressing a particular issue.

The Veiled

The Issue: Mental Illness/Mental Health

Oil  16″x20″ 2015

Words Matter

The Issue: Bullying

Oil  16″x20″  2016

Second Chances

The Issue: Cancer

Oil  16″x20″  2016

I Still Have Dreams

The Issue: Child Abuse and Neglect

Oil w/ Mixed Media
16″x20″  2017


The Issue: Homelessness in America

Oil  16″x20″

2017 – 2018

Remember Me

The Issue: We have over 70 million stray cats and dogs in America.  Spay/Neuter 

Oil  16″x20″


Premonition Destruction

The Issue: The possible destruction of democracy, the environment, and allied relations because of a Trump presidency
Oil  36″x24 2019


Oil on canvas on mdf 36″x36″ 2021

Stolen highlights racism and dirty politics in our nation’s senate and the lasting impact. Merrick Garland should currently be on the Supreme Court, but Mitch McConnell refused to allow the process for President Obama’s nominee to have a hearing or vote. Neil Gorsuch sits in a seat that was stolen through dirty politics.  The result will be felt for decades.


What do you think?

Email your ideas for my next socially engaged piece of art.  What issue do you think I should address and why?

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